I started working with Unreal Engine in 2017. My goal was to become a solo game developer, which pushed me to develop in multiple directions simultaneously. As a result, I became skilled in:
- Using blueprints;
- Creating my own materials;
 - Managing AI behavior;
- Working with the animation system;
Below, you will find the two main projects I am working on - Little Pagans and Moonbuns. Why two at the same time? At first I was working on Little Pagans only. I grew emotionally attached to the project and it was going so well that I was getting worried about having zero experience with marketing and releasing finished projects. That's why I decided to embark on my second project, Moonbuns. It's supposed to be simple enough to release it in 2024 and give me experience needed to make Little Pagans really good (to be released in 2025).
Little Pagans, 2023:
Moonbuns, 2024:
Epic Game Jam entry 2022:
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